I Am A Girl That Have A Cross Sex Friendship With Essay

I Am A Girl That Have A Cross Sex Friendship With Essay

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to talk to girls yet. So in my mind, I decide that I would find me a girl that I could have a cross-sex friendship with. Down the line of the first semester I had finally found the girl I wanted to have a relationship with. Her name was Deidra and she was a sophomore at the time. She was very pretty with her nice skin tone, hourglass body figure, and her natural hair. After being friends with her, she and I decided to take things to another level. We eventually started dating and established a relationship. Things were perfect when we first started dating. Even though we had a lot that was different about us we just compromised with each other. Shortly after we started dating she began to start having money troubles. At the time, I was not financially stable myself, but I had given her the little pocket money I had left.
As time went on our relationship began to crack a lot. We were always arguing about something that wasn’t serious. At this point, I started to see a change in myself. I became more bossy and dominating. It was like I was trying to take control over her. An example of this is when she and I got into a major argument. I had begun cursing her out and got real aggressive. Then I tried to belittle her. I told her she was broke and would always need me. I told her she was nothing without me. After the major argument, we both apologized for our inputs in the fight. Even though we were back on good terms I still made things hard. I wanted her to know that I “wore the pants” in our relationship. So I gave her rules and guidelines I wanted her to follow. One of the rules was that she had to inform me that she was going to hanging out with her friends. I had major trust issues so I figured that I would at least know where...

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...r woman I date to have to go through what I put Deidra through. That would be unfair of me. You’re supposed to treat a woman with respect. Controlling someone is not how a relationship goes.
As for the altercation with my friend Ryan, I feel I could have also changed the ways I did things. I understand that my anger can get the best of me. However, that is no excuse to have treated Ryan the way I did. The criteria I should have shown to him was empathy. After the fight, we said nothing to each other at all. I should have talked to him about how he felt about the situation at hand. I should have known his feeling counted and that I understood how he felt about my action. I was wrong for taking my anger and emotions on him. Knowing my actions from both of the different situations I feel like I have changed. I still have some working to do, but I am making progress.

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