I Am A Fun Learning Experience Essay

I Am A Fun Learning Experience Essay

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This class has been a really fun learning experience. Before this class, I didn’t really have any public speaking experience. I spoke in front of one of my classes last semester, but it wasn’t something I had to plan. I basically talked about things I worked on over the previous week so it was very easy. This class however has challenged me to plan my speech beforehand and try to get the attention of my audience in different ways like using an anecdote to start my speech. Coming into this class, I was a little nervous about how I would do and I had very little expectations of myself. I didn’t really plan on accomplishing anything at the beginning. I thought it would be an easy class where I would just record my speeches and get good grades. However, this class has been challenging in a good way. I came in just wanting to record my speeches and get my credit but I came out a much better public speaker.
During the duration of this course, I’ve realized how important an effective introduction is to getting your audience to pay attention to you and how to give an effective introduction d...

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