Essay on I Am A Friend With My Boyfriend

Essay on I Am A Friend With My Boyfriend

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One day in life, you may be faced with a situation that does not go as planned. When I discovered I was going to be a mother, it made me put things into prospective. My boyfriend Jesse and I felt like the life we had wasn 't worthy enough for our unborn child. He and I didn 't have a residence of our own and didn 't have a great deal of money, and for that reason, we sought out to create a better more stable future for our growing family. We wanted to be able to provide for our baby with everything that was required. We desired to obtain a place of our own and a better income. My boyfriend searched for a better employment position than the one he had at the time. We were eighteen years old and lived with his mother, Sandra and sister, Emily. While he worked a minimum wage job for a temporary employment agency, I was in school trying to obtain my GED. After a week or so of submitting applications, he began to hear back from potential employers. He went to several job interviews, but a great quantity of them were either temporary, seasonal, or payed minimum wage. As he was beginning to lose hope of finding a better job, his father called him and spoke with him about a job opening in the company he was working for. The employer interviewed him over the phone and he was hired on the spot. He had received an employment opportunity for a position that paid well over what he had anticipated. The only problem was that we lived in California and the position he was offered was in Tennessee. Luckily since his father lived in Tennessee he agreed to let us stay with him until we got on our feet. Moving out of state did not go as we anticipated. We were young, and were still trying to understand life after high school. We were not even close ...

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...t we’re just about there. We will forever be grateful to have experienced living in Tennessee, since it is the birth place of my son. I now have two beautiful children, we still aren’t where we want to be, then again we are getting closer to living the life we both dream about having for our children. Living in Tennessee taught us various lessons, however what I will always remember is first, we can’t just jump into situations no matter how abundant it sounds we need to think it thru. Second, it taught us that we need to have a backup plan. Next, it taught us patience. Finally it taught us to be more open to effects and not be afraid to be on our own. We now live in Fresno, California and have a great life. We are always trying to improve our situation. If I had a chance to move back to Tennessee, I would do it all over again even though it wasn’t a great experience.

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