Essay about I Am A Freshman With The Thirst For More Education

Essay about I Am A Freshman With The Thirst For More Education

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To explain who I am in the simplest of terms, I am a freshmen with the thirst for more education. An education, which until recently, didn 't know I was capable of receiving. Looking closer into my journey to Johnson & Wales University, you 'll find it cannot be put into simple terms. Coming to college was a struggle internally, and an obstacle with my family. I may live on Long Island, however, financially this wasn 't easy. Yet, I overcame everyone in my hometown telling me "You should go to the community college." Even my guidance counselor thought applying to Johnson & Wales University wasn 't right for me. "Ashley, this school seems a bit of a reach for you." I refused to believe achieving this dream was impossible. I persevered through these hardships, with the main goal of a higher education. I sought help from one of my managers, and long-time youth group leader, Regan. If it wasn 't for her, I doubt I would be here. A number of times I called her or reached out with tears in my eyes explaining yet another situation that got in the way of me saying yes to Johnson & Wales. I 'd say my confidence was shaken a few times, but I still remained stable in my decision of choosing this institution. I can certainly be a dreamer, with the creative ideas, and some outlandish outfits; but I was positive that I could further my education. It was the food industry I longed for. This industry is a passion, you either have it or you don 't. As Professor Bowman says, "Most of you have already been bitten by it". I completely agree. A person needs to enjoy the stress, and the quick decisions, and exciting solutions to sticky situations. Therefore, in most complex terms, I am an incoming freshman with a plan. I have already overcome one batt...

... middle of paper ... crazy for pursuing this. What they don 't comprehend is how amazing this field is. I 've had countless bad days, but as soon as I step into that restaurant I leave it at the door. A person learns to be selfless in this field, and I reckon that 's the best gift a person can give to themselves.
In conclusion, I believe in fate. I didn 't choose this field, it chose me. Everything in my life has led to this moment; from writing this paper to learning how to properly shake hands, to shoveling raw clams topped with cocktail sauce into my mouth. As a result, each and every one of my classes I listen intently hanging on to each of the words, waiting to hear something I don 't know. I 've been nurtured with the love of food since birth, I was born hungry. Naturally, it is my first love. To major and manage is this field is a dream come true, finally satisfying my hunger.

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