I Am A Firm Believer That Birth Order And How It Influenced Personality Essay

I Am A Firm Believer That Birth Order And How It Influenced Personality Essay

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During the 1920’s Alfred Adler began research into a topic that would forever impact the behavioral sciences; he studied the role of one’s birth order and how it influenced personality (Eckstein & Kaufman, 2012). This concept arouses my interest because of how personal it is to me; I come from a larger family and witnessed the very traits they discuss in the article in my siblings and myself as well. Indeed I am a firm believer that birth order is significantly related to presence of certain personality traits in a person because of the different experiences and parenting styles each child grows up with. Additionally, I have devised my own type of principle relating to middle children, like myself, in larger families with lengthy age gaps. The more siblings that a middle child has the more likely it is for them to have traits of firstborns and laterborns. I attribute this to the mere fact that middle children can often experience more than one role within their siblinghood.
Once I discovered that birth order and personality would be a topic we discuss in class I was immediately intrigued. As I read the articles posted about them and took the quiz I began to recognize a pattern and incredible accuracy to these findings. The fact that the order one was born in can determine certain personality traits within them singlehandedly aroused my interest.
The concept of siblings is a topic especially important to me because of my large family. I felt enlightened by the breadth of information on this notion. I have always maintained that only children are different from those with siblings, based on interaction with many only children in my life. However, bringing light to the fact that each specific birth order possesses consistent traits...

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...ct, which translates to these middle children becoming indifferent and ambivalent to their role in the family. The increased sense of responsibility might not sit well with some children.
Each individual experience with parents and siblings (or lack thereof) is responsible for the development of significant traits in children. Studying the correlation of birth order and personality is a topic important to me because of the relevance to my personal family life. I have witnessed the reported characteristics with my siblings, which has also led me to further investigate my siblinghood and develop my own principle. I do consider exceptions to the proposed principle because of how specific it might seem. Despite exceptions and alternatives, there is no denying that birth order plays a role in how children interact with parents, siblings and everyone else in their lives.

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