I Am A Family Member Or Close Friend Essay

I Am A Family Member Or Close Friend Essay

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For this assignment I answered the 20 questions and found eight that identified me as a family member or close friend. I replied to the “I am” question with I am a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a sister, a cousin, a fiancée, a friend and a neighbor. My family and friends are important to me so I was not surprised I had chosen to include them in several choices. I also included that I am a college student, having never attended high school, college was intimidating and I am proud of my accomplishments so far. I had some answers that spoke about how I feel towards others; I am determined, dependable, reliable, honest, forgiving, and loving. The remaining answers I thought didn’t really say much about me, personally. They were, I am a blonde, a rural resident, a lover of plants, and a thrift store fanatic and plant doctor. The last one I added because people are always bringing me mostly dead plants and they seem to thrive in my apartment, so I was given this nickname by a friend who had several plants she was killing.
I was not really surprised that my self-concept is positive; however it took me many years to be where I am today. I did this exercise with a friend I have known for a long time. I explained the exercise and she gave me 20 statements about me, several of which I had also listed. I think my self-concept has been both very good and very poor at various times in my life. The older I get, the less some things, like my weight, seem to bother me. I have never been really overweight but it was comments about being fat when I was growing up that have always kept me from feeling thin or even average, even when I clearly was. That just tells me how deep those memories are they affected my opinion of myself for most of my li...

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... that knows all I have experienced in my life, I think gives an accurate picture of how others see me. It may be a bit biased as she is my dear friend for many years. Coming back after the death of my son was truly the hardest thing I have ever done. I see myself as struggling, weak, and terrified of the future, yet she perceives me as a strong and independent survivor. That would be different if this had been done with someone I didn’t know as well or as long as I have known Jennifer. When you have a close relationship with someone over a long period of time, they usually know you pretty well. I may not have taken someone I didn’t know as well as seriously as her, however I have a great deal of respect for her. I have changed how I see myself over time, and the stages will continue to change and I will continue to grow and learn about how I fit into this world.

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