I Am A Doctor Or Princess Essay

I Am A Doctor Or Princess Essay

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As a child I always wanted to help people. Being asked by adults, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My response was always a doctor or princess. When I was eight years old my cousin, Brooke, graduated from UVA Charlottesville. She had studied to become a nurse practitioner. She had become my inspiration, a role model, for my future. After years of hard work she had finally become what she wanted to be. She influenced me so much by working as hard as she did. She gave me the desire to pursue a career in the medical field. Also, she showed me that my goals could be reached if I set my mind to them, and that anything is possible with hard work and determination.
After I realized I wanted to help people, I also realized I did not just want any job I wanted to get a good paycheck. At first I wanted to become someone with all the money in the world because I didn’t want to ever need money again. I realized that money can’t buy happiness, but having money makes life a little easier in a world where everything revolves around money. I have never wanted to be in the same financial situation as my parents. As a child although both of my parents had jobs, and worked very hard, we never really had enough money for what we wanted. Growing up in a family with limited money was really hard because in the world prices keep going up while the paychecks stay the same. Experiencing this as a child made me realize that I want my future to be completely different from my past.
Getting a job at the age of fifteen showed me the reality of how the world works. This job has taught me that everything in life requires hard work. Although having a job as a teenager is not the most convenient thing in the word, it has shown me that not ever...

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...rson, so I have not completely made up my mind. I believe that I am going to go into either general practice or internal medicine. These fields are very similar, internal medicine is practically the same thing except it is a more limited field. Internal medicine focuses more on the main organs, while general practice includes both genders and a wide range of age. Becoming a general practice doctor I would be classified as a family physician. This field would open more doors, allowing me to treat more patients, not just one age group. Either of these fields would be very practical fields to work in, and I would be able to affect many people. I hope to one day to open my own practice, or like Brooke be affiliated with a hospital working in her own facility. I want to follow in her footsteps. I can only hope one day that I am as successful as she has been in her career.

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