I Am A Boy 's Id Essay examples

I Am A Boy 's Id Essay examples

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Maybe using a copy of my sister 's ID as an 18 year old as my ticket into NYC nightlife as a solo girl was a little extreme, but those nights with cheap heels and cobble stone streets taught me a life lesson; going places alone does wonders for your relationship with the lifelong MVP: ya damn self.

When I was a Freshman in college, my dorm friends would think I was crazy for strutting out of the building completely no earlier than midnight, to wander off into the meatpacking district.


It hit me one night like a "That 's So Raven" revalation; around January of 2011, I was invited out by a guy I barely knew from this awful retail job I had (for no more than a week) in Times Square. He told me he promoted clubs, and that I should swing by on what I thought would be a calm Wednesday night. Despite being scared (not only because I was going out alone in the middle of the city, because it was 15ºF and I was wearing a dress - so smart, but because I was completely pretending to be my older sister.. so technically using a fake ID), I knew that staying in the dorms for another night was something I could count on time and time again.

There 's my roommate, holding the remote in her left hand with phone in the right, tweeting about garbage reality tv. There are my neighbors, putting their beds together to have another weird "slumber party."

I knew where I fit in, and that was usually in thecorner of the lounge, on my laptop looking for the next internship opportunity. What I was completely obvlivioius to, was what would happen if I went out that night with this stranger.

So I went, and it was PHENOMENAL. After that night, ya girl became Jo-yonce.

I experienced a complete transformation of my self confidence. Things didn '...

... middle of paper ...

...mely dangerous to be a woman traveling without a man, or friends. I do have to say that the sketch-o-meter has gotten pretty high being a woman traveling, especially when I went to Egypt. But if you pick the right locations, and stay smart, and you 'll be alright.

The beauty of the solo travel.

If you treat yourself to doing things alone, you might start awakening that inner best friend you should 've been hanging out with before puberty hit, das you boo. We get so caught up in the distractions of technology, in what society wants us to think and do, in how our friends and family want us to behave that we never actually give ourselves a chance.

Don 't let people (including yourself) hold you back from doing what you really want to be doing. If no one wants to come with you then give them the #GUHBYE and be on your way. You won 't regret the experience.

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