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I Am A Born Leader Essays

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An individual who provides a direction to other individuals and he is also followed by the people is known as a leader and this process of guiding others is called leadership. Leadership is not only significant in our daily lives but it has also a vital in management to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency (Bass & Stogdill, 1990). So as a student of management sciences I learned a lot about leadership because I know what the importance of it especially in our field is.
I learned many things from different work activities, journals and other tasks regarding leadership. In my opinion I am a born leader but after analyzing in different cases and journals regarding leadership, I realized that there are many things which I have to improve and learn about leadership. But first of all I will discuss my self-assessment about leadership qualities which I think have been improved throughout the semester. I am an honest and a very loyal person and I like to communicate with others on different issues but in this semester I have learned that how I can enhance the communication skills with th...

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