I Am A Black Immigrant Woman Essay examples

I Am A Black Immigrant Woman Essay examples

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I am a Black immigrant woman in the U.S. Whilst this is not the sum total of who I am, these identities and more, shape my experiences, my values and how I am valued in this society. My family initially migrated from Nigeria to the UK when I was 7. I knew before migrating that I was Black and I knew this meant I would not be viewed positively, but I did not comprehend the full implications of this until I lived in a country where I was a minority. This Semester, I worked as a focus group facilitator for the Global Engagement and Inclusive Culture Committee at UMass Lowell. The focus groups were conducted to gather information on students’ perceptions and experiences pertaining to diversity & inclusion, campus climate, and access to resources. This was a great opportunity for students to have their voices heard, share their UML stories and make an impact on initiatives that will contribute to the development of an inclusive campus culture. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this process as I appreciate the importance of promoting an inclusive culture on campus and that the perspectives of multiple groups are considered in policy decisions.
As an undergraduate at UML, I was president of the International students. As President I promoted student awareness and participation in multicultural affairs. I was also an ambassador for the International Student and Scholar’s Office. As an ambassador, my duties included welcoming incoming international students to the university and helping them settle into campus life. As a graduate student, I was president of the Psychology Graduate and Student Organization and continued to promote a welcoming and inclusive campus at UML. I tried to raise aware of social justice issues occurring...

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... attention on those, who, as bell hooks wonderfully stated, fall on the margins of multiple marginalized identities; those whose experiences with oppression fall at the intersection of multiple forms of oppression in this society. For this reason my research interest has been on queer women of color as well as immigrants.
I intend to further my studies and pursue a Ph.D, with the aim of engaging in research on social justice and social action addressing social issues facing marginalized communities of color. I have firm interest in doing research with direct policy implications. The Chancellor 's Medal for Diversity and Inclusion will help contribute to my professional development and better prepare me for my future academic aspirations and research work. This award reflects my interest in social change and my efforts so far in advocating for social justice issues.

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