Essay about The Hyundai With Carl

Essay about The Hyundai With Carl

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Caterina sat in the backseat of the Hyundai with Carl, both of them watching the scenery through the windshield. Michonne was driving while Rick sat in the passenger seat, directing her. Nobody had said a word since they left the prison; the air was tense. They still didn 't quite trust Michonne which was Rick 's whole point of bringing her on the run. He wanted to see if she was trustworthy while at the same time keeping an eye on her.

Caterina spotted someone walking on the side of the road. Her first thought was that this was just another walker, but then the man started jumping up and down, waving his arms.

"Hey! Hey! Slow down!" the man was shouting. "Slow down! Slow—I 'm begging you!"

They just drove past him.


Caterina saw Carl turn around in his seat to watch him through the back window, and she glanced back to see that the man was trying to run after them, but he tripped—probably over his own feet, and he was left in the dust.

Carl turned back around slowly with an unreadable look on his face.


They met a roadblock a few more miles out. It was a bunch of cars and a truck, a few overturned, all abandoned. There was a path in the grass on the side of the road from people going around the blockage. Michonne pulled them out on to this path, slowing the car 's speed.

Caterina surveyed the damage. It looked like one of the cars rear ended the other, which somehow caused a chain of accidents. There were a few corpses still inside of the cars, corpses that had not been reanimated. She turned to gaze out the other side at an overturn car where a walker was pinned. The car slowed to a stop as Michonne seemed to spot it as well and, when she pressed on the gas to go again, the tires spun, but...

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...the floor for any more stray bullets that may have been left behind.

"Do you have a problem with that approach?" Rick asked, obviously mistaking her silence for her criticism of his decision.

She shook her head. "No, Rick, I don 't have a problem."

Caterina looked between the two of them. She 'd figured that Michonne heard Rick 's conversation with Carl while he was getting their car unstuck. Her tone just now only proved that she had. She knew that they didn 't trust her, but it was obvious to Caterina that she was working to show them that they could.

"Let 's get going then," Caterina said to break the silence that had fallen.

Michonne nodded and started to move out of the cage. Before she did, she held out the bullet that she had found to Rick. He hesitated for a moment before he took it. Michonne smiled slightly and followed Caterina back out of the precinct.

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