Essay about Hyundai Commercial Analysis

Essay about Hyundai Commercial Analysis

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The Hyundai commercial caught my attention due to its interesting plot. It seems to be a typical car advertisement until you look at it with deeper thought. The situation reveals something totally opposite of what they actually meant to do. Hyundai may have known exactly what they were doing, putting an advertisement out there that would not be easily forgotten. However the impact of this message can be an extremely negative image for Hyundai. The image they end up portraying can cause extremely negative publicity or send people the wrong message. Portraying the message that committing suicide is both acceptable and can be extremely easy.

The advertisement I’ve picked ended up being the Hyundai commercial attempting to sell their new air filter with 100% water emissions. Furthermore the video starts out with a front view of a house in a nice neighborhood during the day. In addition the scene switches to the inside of the garage showing a brand new Hyundai. You then start to notice a man on his knees taping something to his exhaust pipe. Next, it zooms in to the side of the car and you see hoses taped together leading into the car. Next, the hose goes through the window of the vehicle and is fastened off so air can go in or out. At this point the only air that can enter into the car is from the hose hooked up. However, man then climbs into his car and sits quietly, looking melancholy, listening to the fumes enter his car. He sits back takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. Nevertheless whole screen switches again the view goes back to the front of the house. In this frame of the video it’s dark outside suggesting him being in there for a while. As the garage door opens and you see the man climb out and casually walk back into h...

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...s could of caused many people to be influenced negatively; it gave off the sense that suicide is both glamorous and easy. Some people may only be alive due to the fact they are scared that it might hurt, but according to this commercial it is painless, since the man looks completely at peace and is not struggling at all. They totally overlooked the underlining meaning and made suicide seem acceptable. Suicide should never be made to look acceptable no matter what; it doesn’t matter if this advertisement could add to their buyers just because it is so unforgettable. The situation could of ended in many un-favorable ways if it didn’t get pulled off the television.

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