Hypocrisy Of The Scarlet Letter Essay

Hypocrisy Of The Scarlet Letter Essay

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Hypocrisy Of The Scarlet Letter
Hypocrisy has been everywhere in The Scarlet Letter. People of Hester, and the community that they lived in, were immersed in hypocrisy. Hawthorne was not restrained in his interpretation of the horrible sin of hypocrisy; he wanted be certain to see the sin at job , in the same moment, equivalents can be pinched between the people in The Scarlet Letter and of present civilization.
The first person, Hester Prynne, is embarrassed of infidelity. She evidently loves Dimmesdale, thus she didn’t say anything for seven years Dimmesdale is leisurely punished. The affection she experienced was so powerful that it made her removed sacred pledges. Dimmesdale is persistently harmed by his internal monster of guilt that got at his soul, and Chillingworth assured those monsters never go away. Hester tolerates this to happen. Physically and psychologically, preacher begins to deteriorate, unhurriedly he becomes withered, and he punishes himself continuously. When Hester understands that if Chillingworth is permitted to stay, Dimmesdale will confidently go insane if she does not tell her secret. She didn’t tell who her lover was on the platform when she had the opportunity; moreover, she didn’t tell her partner who her lover was. Hester can apologize for her sin of adultery, but each day that she keeps the secret of her lover, and the true character of Rodger Chillingworth a top-secret she is pledging a sin. If Hester would say, “Take heed how thou deniest to him who, perchance, hath not the courage to grasp it for himself the bitter, but wholesome, cup that is now presented to thy lips!”(Dimmesdale 47), effects would have been noticeably better for everybody. Everyone Hester Prynne take care of, she does in a wei...

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... as well. Their doctrine actually doesn’t request for anything like that. Distortion of God by those who have power is a sin. It’s incredible to have faith in a religion, and feel justified in murdering the others. The infamous president, Bill Clinton was made into huge trouble because of fundamentalists. Newt Gingrich (former Republican) didn’t have time to even read the Bible. He was asking for Clinton’s head, this man person was exactly like Arthur Dimmesdale in some ways. Both of them were shamed of their wrong doings. Hypocrisy was existing in Puritan community and it withstands even today’s world. Hypocrisy is the main theme in novel. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s job was meant to be the hypocrisy in Puritan community, and the people that created this society. The Scarlet Letter was meant to shows how much of horrifying hypocrisy is, and how much pain it causes.

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