Hypertension : A Serious Disease Prevalent Essay

Hypertension : A Serious Disease Prevalent Essay

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Hypertension is a serious disease prevalent in the US. . A hypertensive patient over the age of 60 should receive treatment, otherwise could face serious complications. Although new guidelines increased the target systolic blood pressure from 140 to 150 mmHg in patients over 60, complications could potentially arise before reaching the target blood pressure. Therefore, a patient should receive treatment earlier and be alleviated of the disease even if it is potential rather than enduring through it. The hypertension guidelines should not be altered and remain at 140 mmHg for systolic blood pressure because there is a better chance these individuals recover due to receiving their medications earlier.
Blood pressure is the force against the walls of you heart as it pumps blood through the body.1 Blood pressure readings consist of two numbers; the larger over the smaller. The numerator represents the systolic blood pressure (SBP); the denominator, the diastolic blood pressure (DBP). Systolic blood pressure is your blood pressure when you are active, which is higher than the diastolic blood pressure, the blood pressure at rest.1 hypertension occurs when blood pressure exceeds 140/90mmHg.1 Many catalysts can lead to hypertension such as being overweight, diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD). A high blood pressure is problematic because it can lead to stroke, heart failures heart attacks and much more. Hypertension can be preventable by paying attention to some current guideline recommendations and/or altering one’s lifestyle.
The goal of the hypertension guidelines is to treat an individual who has hypertension until their blood pressure is below the target blood pressure advised. New guidelines have been revealed, so it...

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...s will be at- decreased risk of death, heart attack and strokes.6 A lower guideline will help prevent more cardiovascular disease due to hypertension than a higher guideline, especially in patients similar to AK. The risks associated with medications are infinitesimal compared to the benefits of keeping the blood pressure guideline lower.
Hypertension guidelines have been made more lenient quickly embroiling into a controversy. Hypertension, one of the most prevalent diseases in the US, is now considered having over a 150 mmHg/ 90mmHg blood pressure unless one has additional condition such as CKD and diabetes. AK suffers from multiple conditions making it essential for the guidelines to remain the same. To prevent further complications for a majority of individuals, keeping the blood pressure guideline at 130 mmHg/ 90 mmHg would be a safer guideline to implement.

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