Hydrogen: The Best Alternative Energy Source Essay

Hydrogen: The Best Alternative Energy Source Essay

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Since the human were created, they have always been depending on an external energy source. Before the use of fossil fuel was discovered, people used the sun as their main external energy source. The sun provides heat, light, and photosynthesis for food that the humans and animals need to make their work energy. And it also affects wind and water motion that the humans also use to make power to do heavy work. When the use of fossil fuels was discovered, it enabled the industrial revolution to begin in the early 19th century. And it also made the growth of human population, technologies, and wealth. Since then, the human use the fossil fuels as their main external energy source. That period could well be renamed as the energy revolution.

But if we continuously use the fossil fuels as the energy, it will bring a big problem for the human in the future. It is because the continuously use of the fossil fuel threatens our world energy supply and also makes a lot of negative effects to our environment. The world’s demand for energy is predicted to double by 2050 in response to the population growth and the industrialization of developing countries. The supply of fossil fuels is limited by its finite amount within the earth and it will soon become expire if we continuously use it. The longevity of the fossil fuel energy supply is reduced by the energy consumed through its conversion to a suitable energy form in which human use. While global oil and gas reserves are concentrated in a few regions of the world, demand is growing everywhere. As a result of that, the supply of energy for the world in the future is difficult to assure. Beside that, the use of fossil fuels is not good and risks the human’s health. It is because t...

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...More research, attempt, time, and money are needed to actualize the use of hydrogen as the world’s future energy sources.

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