Hydrogen Fusion is the Future Source of Energy Essay

Hydrogen Fusion is the Future Source of Energy Essay

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Hydrogen Fusion, the Future Source of Energy

The world is currently in an energy crisis with no end in sight. Many technologies
can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and have the possibility of ending the
energy crisis. Hydrogen fusion holds great promise with its no pollution energy output. If
more energy can be created than is used to start the fusion process, the energy crisis
might become a thing of the past. Over half of the energy used now comes from fossil
fuels, which is around 2.77*10^14 KJ in 2003. ITER, which is under construction right
now in France, will have the possibility of releasing 500 MW of energy as an output. By
developing methods that reduce the energy needed to start the fusion process, hydrogen
fusion might end our need to use fossil fuels.
Humanity has faced many crises in the past few millennia. From the Black Plague
of Medieval Times to World War II in the 1940’s, humans have always had some form of
large-scale problem to deal with. Now in our modern times, we as humans are facing one
of the toughest: the energy crisis. This dilemma will have the greatest involvement of
human minds to figure out a possible solution. The majority of all the energy produced in
the world comes from fossil fuels. In these strange times, humans are now looking for
new viable sources of energy to replace the highly depleted fossil fuels.
One of the newer possibilities that can be used as a new form of energy is
hydrogen fusion. One of the earliest experiments in this technology was in the late 1960’s
with the development of the Tokamak. The Tokamak was a Soviet-built magnetic
confinement device developed by Igor Tamm and Andrei Sakharov. The shape of the
Hydrogen Fusio...

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