Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas Extraction Essay example

Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas Extraction Essay example

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The oil and gas industries have been using certain technologies to make underground fossil fuels accessible through the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and drilling of rock formations. Fracking is the process by which water, sand, and numerous chemicals are injected into wells under high pressure to extract natural gases out of the cracks that have been created in the shale rocks deep under the surface. Fracking is an attempt to lower the economic costs that a need for fossil fuels causes (Cooley, 2012). According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), the United States is becoming more reliant on natural gas supplies. The increased use of natural gases is projected to increase by 30% between the years of 2012-2037 (EIA, 2012). Through the use of fracking, the United States has potential to be a key exporter of natural gas. Those who support it seek to create more energy independence for the United States along with providing jobs and decreasing national energy prices. Hydraulic fracturing has already been used over a million times in the United States alone. Over 60% of oil and gas being used is extracted using the fracking process.
There are concerns about the economic, environmental, and health issues that fracking can cause. The use of this has increased causing a surge in contaminated water and polluted air. Studies have shown that this technique of harnessing fossil fuels can become a more prominent health issue as its use becomes more frequent. Fracking also takes a significant economic toll as well. These economic problems are not necessarily addressed by the oil and gas industries. Instead, the public is paying for the damages to the environment as well as damages to their own health.

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Although fracking promises a short-term solution to our need for fossil fuels, as with other attempts to correct the situation, there could possibly be longer-term effects that we will have to pay for in the future. There are not enough legal statutes that can protect people from the problems that fracking can cause. Although fracking poses many threats to our health, out environment and our economy, the process still continues. In an attempt to control fracking and its side effects, governments should do what is necessary to regulate fracking in order to reduce the impacts it can have on the environment, people’s health and the community. Not only should this program be regulated, but there should also be some kind of accountable funding from oil and gas companies to ensure that they will take care of the unavoidable damages that fracking can cause.

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