Hycn: Encounter On The Dead Planet

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Thirty-one year old Cooke Hamilton, a lieutenant who'd been in service for The Serpents nine full years now, slumped exhausted unto Toyer’s comfy seat. Cooke had just arrived with the force’s own subterranean tube from Alaska to the army base located somewhere beneath north western New York. He was fatigued. He'd been at his brother's place in Alaska playing first-person-shooter video games with his nephew when he received a call from the commander of The Serpents himself. The Serpents were humanity’s only security force in place. They served as both spies, police and army. On his arrival, Cooke had been briefed about his mission and its importance. An alien ship had landed in North Africa a week before, the same time other alien crafts had landed on several locations on planet earth. Other ships that landed along with it a week earlier, left hurriedly two days ago as if they were being chased by something, but the ship in particular remained behind. Why it didn’t leave with the other ships the commander’s superiors wondered. They didn’t like its presence a bit. Their orders were simple. The alien craft had to be destroyed. Earth’s Council of Leaders didn’t want the presence of humans within the dead planet to be known yet. Cooke wondered why. Something terrible and dark was stirring. Why the secrecy? Civilians residing in various subterranean cities within the dead planet were also kept in the dark, they didn’t know that their spinning planet was cruising through a sun system with intelligent life at the moment. Cooke disagreed with the way the Council was doing things. The people deserved to know that their planet had just entered a sun system with sentient life and that various possibilities lay ahead. War with the resident a... ... middle of paper ... ...ected? Anyway, the point here is that UFOs are coming this way. For all we know the aliens have discovered the military base beneath and are here to blast open the tunnel.” The IA finished. “Thanks for that disturbing thought Delilah.” Merida said over the radio. “I’m just saying.” The AI commented. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you when it happens.” “Well, I think you have a point. No harm in meeting them halfway to confirm for ourselves.” Merida agreed. “You certainly are easy to convince Merida.” Cooke observed. “What can I say? She’s Delilah – she who convinced Samson to tell her the secret to his strength and betrayed him to his enemies in the bible.” Merida giggled. “I guess it won’t do any harm to check them out. We can swing there.” Cooke gave in. “Yes lieutenant.” Delilah replied. The two ships shot eastwards at once towards the detected crafts on the scanners.

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