Essay about Hybrid Power Vehicles in Chinese Market

Essay about Hybrid Power Vehicles in Chinese Market

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To discuss why hybrid power vehicles are in trouble in Chinese market
As we know, modern vehicles product many problems, such as pollution of environment, energy consumption and so on. The hybrid power technology
Is a new solution to these problems. At the beginning, some scientists and engineers want to develop a new generation vehicle. But they meet a series of severe problems that use new energy instead of the fuel and diesel. By a long time experience, they had to decide on using hybrid power technology. It means that using both traditional power and electric power. Basically, hybrid power technology is adding an electric motor in order to help internal combustion engine to produce energy. When a vehicle starts working, the electric motors are instead of internal combustion engine to product energy. When the car’s speed gets fast, it need more power. At that time, both electric motor and internal combustion engine are working together to product energy.

Qinghua(2011)affirmed that Chinese automotive market has become the biggest market in the world in the last twenty years. Meanwhile, Chinese market also is confirmed that it is the biggest production country in the universal. According to figures of caam(qinghua,2011), in 2010, the sales of car have reached about 18.26m. However, the number of hybrid power vehicles just about 20522. The sales of hybrid power vehicles are facing many problems.
This essay will discuss the benefits of hybrid power vehicle, the reason that the sales of hybrid power vehicles are in trouble in Chinese automotive market and how to solve these problems in the future.
Benefits of the hybrid power vehicle
According to economist(2004) consider that hybrid power vehicles have many a...

... middle of paper ...

...ems, some people still believe that the future of the vehicles belong to hybrid power vehicles in Chinese automotive market. As Joseph Romm, director of the Centre for Energy&Climate Solutions, a non-profit organization based in Arlington,Virginia said:”hybrid power automotives are almost certainly the platform from which all future clean vehicles evolve”(economist,2004). So I suggest that government could be play a vital role in developing hybrid power vehicles, not only give money to people who want to buy a car, but also decrease the taxes of import hybrid power vehicles. Meanwhile, the press ought to inform the benefits of hybrid power vehicles to people. What is more, the automakers, such as TOYOTA, HONDA etc, ought to require local government to publish more useful policies to encourage consumers and effectively reduce the costs of the hybrid power vehicles.

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