Essay about Hybrid Cars And Standard Cars

Essay about Hybrid Cars And Standard Cars

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This report is about the hybrid vehicles. It gives a brief
definition of hybrid engines and shows how the hybrid engines started in
the beginning of the twentieth century. Moreover, it explains the differences between hybrid cars and standard cars. Also, it mentioned some
companies and countries that interested in producing hybrid cars, and the
prices of their cars in the United State of America. Finally, it discusses
the popularity of hybrid cars in USA and its factors.

Hybrid vehicles are cars, which use both an internal combustion engine and
an electric motor to obtain maximum power and fuel economy with minimum

The first hybrid car was built in 1899 by Eng. Ferdinand Porsche (Jameson,
2009, p.1). His hybrid engine used a small gasoline engine to supply power
to an electric motor that drove the car. However, governments didn 't care
about hybrid engines until Arab oil embargo of 1973. Since then, hybrid
engines have been improved and the plug-in type is getting all the supports
and attention.

Efficiency is the ratio between the income and the outcome of a machine, which we can use this expression in every thing, by giving a name for the income and the same for the out come. After known the meaning of the efficiency, and how to use it. Now we can introduce it to, compare between difference kinds of cars. Cars efficiency measured by measuring ratio between the miles (outcome) a car gets per a gallon (income) (MPG). If you are planning to buy a new car, and your only concern is saving money, then an important factor you will have to look at is the efficiency, because by known how many mils your car is going to drive on a gallon you would know the approximate amount budget you are going to waste on...

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...e sales of this line will force the companies to compete and in the end they will have to decline the values to win the market.
In fact, a consumer report did show that 39% of American citizens are considering a hybrid car for their next car. This turns to two reasons as they said in the telephone survey: it is better choice to save the environment, and in the long term it will help their budgets. Apart from all of this, studies on the popularity of hybrid cars shows that, a recent study showed an increment by 40% in the hybrid market.

Hybrid technology has both bright and dark sides, yet its future pawned on the consumers. For me, I believe that, this technology will have a decent position in the near future. We are moving to a fuel less future. What I mean by fuel less future is, fuel will not be as cheap as it is now.

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