Hybrid And Electric Vehicles : The Future Of Our World Essay

Hybrid And Electric Vehicles : The Future Of Our World Essay

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Hybrid and electric vehicles are the future of our world. They won’t be replacing every single gas vehicle in the United States but hybrids and electric vehicles will certainly become more prevalent in everyday life. Electric and hybrid vehicles have actually been around for a quite a while with electric cars dating all the way back to 1828. Hybrid vehicles have evolved a tremendous amount in the past 100 years leading to improved fuel economy and lower cost of the vehicle itself. Hybrid and electric vehicles come in many different sizes such as a large SUV to a small car. However even though there are a lot of benefits to an electric or hybrid vehicle there are still some cons to the design and practicality. Moving toward hybrid and electric car is a good thing since it helps out the environment and puts more money in our pockets with savings. Hybrid and electric cars are moving in a fantastic direction and have come a long way since invention with advances in fuel economy, and technology advances such as new types of batteries too many different types of transmissions to drive the car, there are many pros to them but there are however some downs.
Hybrid and electric cars are not new by any means as compared to the solely reciprocating gas powered car. They both date back to the 1820’s where there were many prototypes that were being invented but not produced. It wasn’t till the 1900’s in America that electric cars would become more popular than gas powered vehicles. Since gas engines were hard to start and steam engines took a while to start and had a short range electric cars were actually favored by woman because of their ease of use. The year of 1900 the electric car outsold the gasoline powered car but got beat by a few...

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...c vehicles. With the federal government cracking down on fuel economy and emissions, automakers will have to focus on cleaner alternative fuel sources. Since the government is offering incentives to buy right now it is a no brainer for some people to buy so that they can be getting and equivalent to gasoline of anywhere from 100-150 miles to the gallon. However electric vehicles and hybrids have different characteristics, so it is vital that you pick the right kind. They may seem like a lot of money but it has been proven that they will make up the cost in less than three years with the fuel cost and the little preventive maintenance that has to be done. All in all hybrid and electric vehicles have come a long way from the past decades; they will continue to evolve with new technology and adaptability, hybrids are a step in the right direction for a brighter future.

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