Hurricanes And Its Effects On America Essay

Hurricanes And Its Effects On America Essay

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Hurricanes are funny. Hurricanes are a joke. I grew up hearing the stories from my mother and grandmother about Betsie and Camila. Each time my mother would speak of the Hurricane a tear would enter her eyes the sound of a lump entering her throat as she spoke about the devastation. I remember it like it was yesterday she said, the hurricanes that would change their lives. She spoke of how the levees broke filling homes and streets with flood water. During the hurricanes homes were destroyed, family displaced and people died. Betsie and Camila where category 5 hurricanes. If New Orleans was ever to experience a hurricane of that magnitude, then New Orleans would be destroyed. Whenever a hurricane would enter the Gulf of Mexico, I would see the look of worry covering her face. I could never understand the fear she seemed to have, I had never experienced a hurricane in New Orleans.
As years passed, it has always been the same when hurricanes venture near the Gulf of Mexico. I thought as most of my other family and friends lucky us lucky New Orleans never in my lifetime will the Hurricane make landfall and destroy my wonderful home.
I watched the news that morning a caption reads “Hurricane Katrina may enter the Gulf of Mexico by the end of the week”. I thought to myself, maybe I should stop to purchase water and food. When the rain starts, I don’t want to travel with my little one to the store. If you have lived in New Orleans all your life you understand that preparing for a storm is a most. However, most times it become irrelevant as the storm never cause much damage. A bit of water here and there, a small amount of flooding, but never in my lifetime have I experience the destruction that my mother had spoken of.
Later tha...

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...rhood on the television as a man passing by in a boat pushed water onto the window seal.
In the blinking of an eye I lost everything I owned. Life is funny that way, but Hurricanes are not. Weeks passed as I reached out to family and friends hoping that they had made it to safety. Losing everything can put life in perspective. Family becomes the most important thing you possess. Most of my family made it to safety and life is good know. It often hurts to view the pictures of what use to be but life goes on and so we moved on. Nevertheless, I know have the same tear, the one my mother had in her eyes as I speak of the devastation that Hurricane Katrina caused. I feel that lump entering my throat as I try to explain the devastation to others. Whenever I hear reports of an impending hurricane worry fills my mind. I to have experience Hurricane happened in my lifetime.

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