Hurricanes And Global Warming : How It Is Changing The Natural Climate Balance

Hurricanes And Global Warming : How It Is Changing The Natural Climate Balance

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Hurricanes and Global Warming
There is much controversy regarding this topic. Many claim that global warming is manmade and it is changing the natural climate balance. Others say it is a normal process of nature, which happens every hundred years in the history of the earth.
According with Lariza Montero on her article “Anatomía de los Huracanes”, hurricanes are an enormous storm with extremely strong winds and swirling clouds that spin in spiral form with speeds from 75 to 200 mph. Its diameter is hundreds of kilometers and rotates in counter-clockwise direction around a vortex, or eye. A hurricane typically begins as a thunderstorm or cloud formation called a tropical depression. Most of these depressions die in this form, but some go on to hurricane status. For this to happen, there are three factors involved:
• Low pressure at the surface at low levels of the atmosphere
• Temperature at sea in excess of 27 or 28 degrees Celsius
• High-pressure zone to 10 km of height
When storms become hurricanes, large volumes of warm air start to rise leaving an area of low pressure at the surface. If conditions are right, agitated humid air masses rush to fill that empty space that in minutes, can form an extensive system of winds and clouds. It is a natural process of the planet to move excess heat from the tropics toward colder south and north regions.
Likewise, a hurricane has different categories depending on the intensity of its winds, not by their size “Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale”:
Category 1: wind speeds of 74 to 95 mph. Very dangerous winds will produce some damage
Category 2: wind speeds from 96 to 110 mph. extremely dangerous winds will cause extensive damage
Category 3: wind speeds of 111 to 129 mph. Devastating damage...

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...generate realistic models of hurricanes, because inside of it has only a few kilometers in diameter, and the spacing between data points in a global climate model is larger than typical global models. That is why scientists are running different techniques to avoid this inconvenience.
As a conclusion, it is possible that many of the data collected from the reported hurricanes are wrong or is not reliable, but the results of studies indicate a significant increase, at least, in the intensity of them.
The debate is still on the table. If global warming is responsible or not for many of the planet 's climate changes has not yet been determined. Moreover, we must change our consumerist lifestyles to help the planet to maintain its sustainability. At the end, the only planet that we have to live is this one, and I think we are destroying it without any kind of compassion.

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