Essay on The Hurdles Of Education For The Deprived Children

Essay on The Hurdles Of Education For The Deprived Children

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The hurdles of education for the deprived children are diverse that make them to face frequent obstacles. Hartwig (2013) as I have direct quoted her shows that;
Secondary school is even more economically prohibitive to the rural household as none of them are free except for high-scoring merit scholars. The mean fee to attend a government secondary school in [the] sample was TSH 170,000 although this could be as low as TSH 40,000 or as high TSH 500,000 depending on whether it was a day school or boarding school. [...] Among the private secondary schools, three were boarding schools averaging TSH 700,000 per year whereas the private secondary day schools averaged TSH 200,000. (p. 490)

Whereas, the school fee for government schools is higher than beliefs, the learning setting does not keep pace with the money parents pay for children’s education. I support Hartwig, (2013) findings that inadequate government funding in education is the main cause of the increased school fees in public schools. In short, the delays of funding make teachers unenthusiastic to teach because late earnings delivery to them. The consequence is failures of the government schools in the national exams. Hartwig, (2013) sample shows the exam transitory rate for government schools was 36% low compared to 82% in private schools (p.493). Alike, the pass rate for division one was 3% precisely 15 times less than that of the private school which was 45%. It stroked me to learn that, despite the worsening education, the education system has been under surveillance ‘through Joint Education Sector Reviews (ESR), held between government, donors, and representatives of other key stakeholders” (see Woods, 2009, p. 427). I would say, since their intervention in 2006, they...

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...emes from the “central level to the district level.” Of course three different ministries to lead education create the ineffectiveness. They will send mixed messages to schools that would affect schools contrarily including delay in service delivery. As a result force leaders in schools to seek means of survival by demanding more from parents. One chain command would avail schools, beyond that is confusions. The lesson from Woods, (2009) is transformation need for the top down hierarchies of the education system. This does not mean to repudiate the government system. (Langley et al., 2009) shows visibly that, “Every system is perfectly designed to deliver the result it produces.” However, when the system does not provide the required quality output and services, then that system will need a significant change for the expected quality results (Kindle Location 1675).

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