Essay about Huntington Beach Issues Of Waste

Essay about Huntington Beach Issues Of Waste

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Huntington Beach Issues of Waste
This essay describes the relation of pace and wastage and its effect on that specific place. Huntington Beach is selected for this essay because it is near to my community and I have an experience to visit on this each few times. Huntington Beach is a small seaside, which is located in Orange County in Southern California. It is the well known and most loved seaside of the United States. In fact, this beach as mild climate with almost 15.3 km long sandy beach. This beach represents a strong and healthy culture with an excellent surfing spot for surfer and swimmers (LOVETT, 2014). The environmental protection has been tackled by the Huntington Beach fire department. Later the interest of other state authorities and private investors has been growing due to the oil extraction activities at the shore side of the beach. It is one of the most important factors that increase the chance of water and soil pollution due to oil spills (Masters, 2014).
While the other key source of seaside pollution is the exposed the waste of residential, industrial and commercial sectors. In fact the waste water has many negative impacts on local authorities of the city. The third major issue of pollution has been faced by the Huntington Beach is the increasing plastic bags and other plastic waste from those people who visit the seaside of the sea. There are many studies has been done in the past to find out the reasons of water pollution than it seems that almost 2.5 million plastic bottles and other plastic accessories has been thrown in the sea water every single hour. It is the most critical situation for the seaside beauty and also the key reason of water pollu...

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