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The Hunting Ground By Kirby Dick Essay

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The Hunting Ground, directed by Kirby Dick was a great eye opener and was amazing to watch to get a realistic view of what goes on throughout college campuses. As the film continued on following the lives of several undergrad students who had been sexually assaulted it got me to think, why? Even after watching it twice I still was in shock by the endless amounts of victim blaming these prestige’s schools were putting on their students.
1. Sexual Assault on campus has become an epidemic, for many different reasons but one major factor that contributes is when a sexual assault occurs on a University and nothing is done. By allowing the perpetrator to get away with his or her crime your “Okaying” them and in a way giving approval which can lead to repeat offenses. A list of reasons why these Universities may be failing to hold them accountable could be because they are trying to:
• Keep the schools name out of the newspaper: These Universities are focused so largely on “protecting their brand” that they will do practically anything.
• To keep the recruitment numbers high: The main focuses is to keep their name popular expecting it to keep the attraction levels high and the incoming freshman wanting to attend that specific university.
• To keep the income on the receiving side, ex: donations, student tuition: In many cases Universities rely on the grants whether its sports grants, or academic grants, they also rely on the Alumni giving back to their Universities.
• To minimize fear-factor on current students: The main goal is to not scare away any students that currently attend the University as well, that can take a toll on the school and the income coming from tuitions.

2. The level of hurt that can come from ignoring a sexual a...

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...” “This is all my fault” I had become the victim in victim blaming. Once I told my parents and we discussed it I felt a sense of relieve and comfortability although I would never feel the same, or feel like I was the same Kelsey. One of the main reasons I discussed it with my parents was because I knew I couldn’t handle it alone and I have a special bond with my parents and am trustworthy of them. However now that my father has passed away, I still till this day would not change the way I acted and the discussion I have had and the steps I have taken.

The documentary aims towards an epidemic and hits it dead on, it shows the struggle women and men are put through and the social pressures. It astonishes me that there were such high numbers of cases per year and the number of expulsions. It only proves how some people care for only themselves and their own successes.

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