Hunting At The Deer Lease Essay

Hunting At The Deer Lease Essay

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Growing up in a small town in South Central Texas, you get use to hearing the phrases, “Oh, I can’t I’m taking my kids out hunting this weekend.” and “My boy shot his first buck, last weekend out at the deer lease.” and my personal favorite courtesy of my own father, “I can’t go to your dance recital/ peewee rodeo/ jr high volleyball game, I’ll be out of town at the deer lease.” Growing up in a state that is predominately known for having decent whitetail deer and a moderate season, from a young age you learn that a lot of school functions and family functions will be dependant on how deer season falls in your area. Based on these factors and experiences, as you grow older you will either learn to appreciate and respect the hunting of big game, or become a person who truly believes that there exists a other ways to gain food source for the population. I believe that hunting of big game in Texas is necessary for population control, and preservation of natural resources, however because of these two things poaching is a issue in the state, and causes for a desire to ban the hunting of wildlife all together.
It can be argued whether or not hunting alone is sufficient for the degree of population control needed to keep a harmonic balance between a stable population and keep from having an overpopulation epidemic. As it turns out the answer to this debate can’t exactly be pinpointed, because the answer would depend on your geographical location, and the type of outside forces that could affect the deer population in your area, such as motor vehicle traffic, available resources and diese. A researcher on the behave on the Wildlife Research Society had this to say about hunting as a form of population control, “We believe that under con...

... middle of paper ... livestock, in small towns all throughout Texas, poaching is a game to be played with you and your friend on Friday nights after cold, play-off football games. This idea alone is enough to convince PETA supporters and animal activist alike that any form of hunting of big game is irresponsible and unethical, regardless of the benefits it has on the forested population and the control of disease and resources.
Hunting of big game, such as whitetail deer, has huge positive impacts on the land around our state and the conservation of our resources. Regardless of if you are a person who believes hunting of the national big game is unethical, or unreasonable, it is a necessity that must be in all cases controlled and used in correlation with other strategies to insure that safety of the natural population of deer and the population of livestock in the state of Texas.

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