Essay about The Hunt For The Perfect Companion

Essay about The Hunt For The Perfect Companion

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When a family is thinking about bringing a four-legged, wet-nosed friend home, there are many things they may consider in order to find the right fit such as the exercise the breed requires, whether it sheds or not, and so on. Chances are that during the hunt for the perfect companion, there will be specific dogs that have the predisposition of being considered apt to be kept in a home. On that list there may be a Labrador, due to their unwavering loyalty. On the list of inapt dogs, there may be a Chihuahua simply because they shake. There are countless breeds that would also be on the unworthy list on account of different many traits. More than likely, the controversial Staffordshire bull terrier, which are more widely known as the pit bull, would probably land a spot on the unworthy list due to their notorious reputation of aggression. Despite the negative stigma that surrounds the breed, pit bulls are well-suited family pets.
Canines have been domesticated for hundreds of years, tracing back to western Europe and Russia. At their origin, dogs were used for reasons varying from luxury, companionship, hunting, and defense. Pit bulls were originally used as guard dogs and, according to Cohen and Richardson, for the sick sport of dog fighting. This breed was never intended to attack humans unless it was to protect their owner. They were bred to be friendly with and protective of humans. In years past, they were even used as a makeshift nanny to watch over kids. While the facts do not ignore that some pit bulls are, in fact, aggressive, it is important to realize that their aggression most likely stems from the severe abuse of dog fighting. Like any animal, behaviors and temperament are learned.
Cohen and Richardson s...

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...ork, but after a lot of love and patience, Ronnie is now a fully functional dog who loves to snuggle on the couch and watch football with his family every Sunday.
The truth about pit bulls is that they are not vicious animals. Their unfortunate history of being forced into the cruel game of dog fighting has resulted in unjustified stereotyping. At their core, pit bulls are kind creatures who were pushed down the dark road of aggression. Dogs are very similar to humans, as they react strongly to traumatic experiences. A common response to abuse will be viscousness because it is all they know. Violence is used as a defense mechanism to avoid being put in those awful situations again. Instead of regarding the whole breed as inapt or dangerous, we, as humans, should help these innocent dogs from being put in situations that can result in harm and long-term hurting.

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