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Hungry For Harmony

Food is a focal point from touring early on Marko DeSantis’s career because musicians start out eating a lot of junk food when they are broke. He does not mix foods from other nations while in another country and uses the same formula for music. Marko feeds off of young bands for the same reason he consumes various types of international cuisine-he needs to tap into great energy sources. After being together for a decade Sugarcult guitarist Marko sinks his teeth into energy sources like fruits and vegetables which are the equivalent of an emerging band. The audio succor from the sugar based bands proves how nourishing honest music is.

Traveling to the U.K., Northern Japan then onto Europe for five consecutive years led to Marko’s formation as a foodie. DeSantis said, “You have to work really hard to see the Eifel Tower in Paris because it is no where near the venue. You jump on the Metro, get there early, race back to do sound check and you have a few hours before you play maybe being able to do a little site seeing.“ In terms of his own band, the Santa Barbara native is most successful when they are in Japanese territory like many other rock counterparts. Marko exclaimed, “We were an American band that took a chance, jumped, found love, and sold love. Japan is probably the best place for Sugarcult as we have an amazing following, the label treats us well.” The reason behind his claim is the ensemble is not normally treated as well as they are while touring in Japan in terms of hotel accommodations which is what sets the country apart from other regions for DeSantis. Aside from the thread count of the hotels bedding where business man generally occupy, the dinners are equally attracting to the foodie.

... middle of paper ... your instincts that lead you,” DeSantis said. Hits such as “Bouncing of the Walls,” or “Pretty Girl,” even “America” were not written with a proposed fan base in mind when the Santa Barbara band was playing in minuscule bars. The tribe Marko refers to were recipients of the purest music amidst the continuous identity crisis the band themselves face as they search out who they are as group. Marko postulates, “I love tapping into the hungry ambitious nature of new bands because it is really nutritious to be around.” Marko announces, “Our band is kind of an alloy of all these different metals.”

Musical treats can come in many forms for the foodie/musician who does not dismiss an artist exploring their recipe for a memorable melody. You may want to empty some sugar on this pop-rock cult, but there is no need with a guitarist who is a sweet as he is poignant.

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