The Hunger Situation in North Korea Essay example

The Hunger Situation in North Korea Essay example

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Nowadays hunger, also malnutrition become a big problem worldwide. Hunger is shortage or absence of food Hunger’s effect can be large and affect on big areas: villages, cities, countries, etc. (Anderson 1990). Very strong feature of hunger- its area. It is much easier to fight with famine in small village, but if starvation occurs in a bigger place like town it will take a lot of time and will be the cause of big outlays. According to the (FAO) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2012) 870 million of humanity were under effect of “extreme hunger”. Also United Nations (2013) said “24 million people don’t know where their next meal is coming from”.
The most unprotected aim for hunger is kid that is why malnutrition impacts dramatically on children. Child, who are young and need a lot of vitamins and nutrition to grow up have to keep healthy and full of beneficial components diet (Gabriela Mistral 1948) . But for children who were born in country with high percentage of poverty, there are no choice in what to eat and not. Nutrition plays a big role in life of child an malnutrition may be the reason of diseases and can make a child be stunted. Children cannot move properly because of this they cannot find food for themselves. Lancet (2013) confirms that hunger causes 45% of deaths of children not older than 5 and 3 million of kids worldwide die for the reason of famine.
North Korea is a country of East Asia by a long name is Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The hunger situation in North Korea is not pretty good. According to the Global Hunger Index (2010) North Korea achieve 19.4 % of starved population. In comparing with 1990 it rose up slightly. It is bad for region to be under effect of hunger. It makes c...

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...ecause of frequently happened famines in the past. There some problems with politics of country. But there is one of the plenty solutions in the world. It is solution called “A worldwide mission to feed and educate”. It is very well planned and strategically right solution. Because by feeding people who are under starvation conditions will be satisfied and problem of real time will be solved. On the other hand by education for people who are in poverty and not able to pay for education can be solved another problem, which is waiting in the future like unemployment. If give good education to people in poverty in their motherlands they will work hard and become very good workers anywhere in social working, office working etc. And good workers will be the reason of economics rising and reducing the poverty level consequently hunger, famine, starvation and malnutrition.

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