The Hunger Project Is Not Only Inclusive Of Providing Monetary Solutions For Food

The Hunger Project Is Not Only Inclusive Of Providing Monetary Solutions For Food

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Giving to others through humanitarian projects is not only inclusive of providing monetary solutions for food. Philosophies and intention to reach specific goals are also associated with the needs of others. The Hunger Project is designed with the central goal of eradicating poverty. However, it is found that this is not done only by feeding the poor, but instead through empowerment initiatives that allow others to change their lives. When looking at the approach used to The Hunger Project, it can be seen that the ability to provide empowerment to others will assist in changing lives through donations. The impact which is made by making a donation creates an initiative not only through the power of changing lives of those in need. It also alters the socio political landscape and the global society at large. This impact is one which can redefine the overall functions in the globe, specifically by eradicating poverty.
The vision of The Hunger Project is based on the belief that every man and woman can become empowered, allowing them to have the food and shelter in which they need. By teaching others how to earn a livelihood and enrich their lives, it will end hunger. The mission from this central philosophy is to end poverty and hunger through grassroots strategies. Human dignity, gender equality, empowerment and sustainability are central focuses of The Hunger Project. Social transformation and leadership are followed with these foundational principles, creating a link of empowering individuals and communities for a greater outcome (The Hunger Project).
The central philosophy, which began by Werner Erhard, has created a strategic approach to end hunger. Specifically, it points that sustainable development is at the core of hunger...

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... Hunger Project is one which is not only designed to provide individuals with the ability to eat on a continuous basis. It provides humanitarian relief through sustainable development, creating prosperous communities in which hunger can be eliminated as a humanitarian concern. The philosophies and mission of The Hunger Project extend beyond the need for food and into the need for sustainable development within communities that are suffering from a lack of resources. By donating to this cause, it creates a connection to a larger global, social and political movement. When hunger is eradicated, it changes the use and development of resources while providing a sense of sustainability to the globe at large. My personal contribution holds the intention of not only assisting with humanitarian efforts, but also relates to changing the sociopolitical landscape of the globe.

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