Hunger Issues in the World

Hunger Issues in the World

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“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread” – Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist

World hunger is one of the biggest problems faced in this world today. About 24,000 people die every day, and most of these deaths are faced by children under five. Even though there is a lot of food in the world, some people in the world can’t access these foods because of poverty. About 1/10 of the world population suffer from chronic hunger every year. Because of the hunger problem, the majority of people suffer from blindness, anemia, malnutrition related problems and other diseases because they are not getting enough diet.

There are lots of countries facing hunger issues in the world. Most of the hungry countries are undeveloped countries and some developing countries. Some of the hungry countries are, D.R. Congo, Somalia, Burundi, Eritrea, Mozambique, Zambia, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Most of the hungry countries are located in Africa. Out of all these countries Somalia is hungriest country in Africa, and followed by Haiti in Central America.

The main reason why there are lots of hunger crisis in Somalia is because of the natural resources were destroyed by the civil war. Another reason is numerous amounts of drought and flooding. But one of the main reasons that Somalia is hungry is poverty. Their per capita GDP per year is $500. Since their natural resources were destroyed by the civil war, they can’t grow sufficient food. So, the food gets transported from other countries the food prices increases every day. Many people in the country are poverty that means that they can’t buy enough food to feed themselves because it is too expensive. The second hungriest country in the world is Haiti. Some problem it faces that leads to hunger is 80 percent of people live in poverty. Most of their natural resources were destroyed by hurricanes, floods, and tropical storms. An additional reason why Haiti is hungry is because they have weak government.

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