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Hunger in India Essay

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In recent years people often suppose that the hunger might be understood as weakness caused by not enough nutrition. Actually, there are some different meanings between hunger and malnutrition. In general, they are existing as complex difficulty and people can not solve them separately. In some countries the percentage of hunger index is so high like in case of India. Moreover, the study of global hunger was shown that a great deal of humanity suffer from this issue every year. In order to fight with hunger it is important to understand basic principles which lead to happening of hunger. The main reasons for hunger occurring are environmental, political and economic conditions. To my mind, the environmental cause is the most important as land scarcity leads to poverty mostly in comparison with other ones. The purpose of this essay is to struggle with hunger by using agricultural project.
According to Gopaldas(2006) there are two types of hunger. The first of them might be explained as general necessity in food consumption. The another name is self-reported hunger, whereby people estimate their craving to consume food. While the second one happens when human body requires more nutrition which they need to take. Biostatis (Krishnaraj, 2006) is a state in which people always consume less than their needed, as a result their bodies adapt to eating less food.
The second type of hunger is considered to be named as chronic or endemic hunger, because it is not felt by the majority of people. However, it can hold some subtle but significant changes in human body developing. For example, children may be underweight on the background of their coevals. The lack of the daily consumption of the vitamin A may cause problems with visio...

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