The Hunger Games By Gary Ross Essay

The Hunger Games By Gary Ross Essay

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Women in society are often viewed as lesser and are expected to have more feminine like roles in many situations. However, in other situations they are expected to have more masculine roles. In The Hunger Games, by the director Gary Ross, shows this way of thinking in society throughout the movie. The Hunger Games uses rhetorical moves to appeal to pathos, ethos, and logos to show how society has unrealistic views on women in today’s society by expecting them to have both feminine and masculine roles.

Panem, in which the movie is set is a post war society in North America is divided into 12 districts each one specializing in a certain resource. Select children from these districts compete in the annual hunger games, a game where they battle to the death until one lone victor is left. The victor is forever indulged with riches for their win forever setting them apart from their neighbors. The games were originally made to punish the districts for rebelling against them once; however, the games now are more of a form of entertainment for the people in the Capitol, the city belonging to the privileged upper class and their children who do not compete in the games. The main Character is, sixteen year old, Katniss Everdeen who lives in the impoverished coal mining district, district 12. Her younger sister, Primrose, was chosen for The Hunger Games to save her sister Katniss volunteers as tribute in place of her sister.
Katniss 's leather boots are used repetitively as a symbol in the movie to show how they have the affect of a masculine like quality. In the beginning, when Katniss leaves to go hunt, to get food for her family, her boots are shown. Later on in the movies when she is about to the arena for The Games her boots are sho...

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...s not in the games. However, when she in the games they expected her to with a more masculine approach to everything; therefore, not showing emotions to events that would usually cause emotion. This appealed to pathos by showing the various emotions it caused. The Capitol was unfair to Katniss by wanting her to act in a different manner while she was in the games from when she was in The Captiol.

The Hunger Games effectively used rhetorical moves by appealing to ethos, logos, and pathos to show how society has unrealistic views on how women should have masculine or feminine roles in different situations. Women have these own views placed on them in the world for them to act more feminine or masculine in different settings. This is an unrealistic view on reality that is not fair for women to have to greatly change their characteristics for society

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