The Hunger Games: A Myth in Disguise Essay

The Hunger Games: A Myth in Disguise Essay

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The movie “The Hunger Games” has many similarities and relations to World Mythology. While it may not seem like this movie is as myth related as others, such as Troy and Thor, many of the themes and situations in the movie were inspired by the stories of the great myths and epics. The overall theme of the movie is courage, strength, and destiny.
The first theme in the movie that is similar to that of mythology is sacrifice. “The Hunger Games” begins with the reaping, a ceremony where one male and one female child from each District are chosen to participate in the Hunger Games to fight to the death. The children are chosen as a sacrifice to pay for the past wrong doings of their ancestors. The ritual begins and a video plays to the audience stating “This is a reminder of the rebellion, a price the districts have to pay. Freedom has a cost; we swore as a nation that we would never know this treason again. So it was said that one female and one male child from each district will be chosen each year to fight to the death as tribute. This is how we remember our past, this is how we secure our future.” The requirement of a sacrifice to ensure survival and food will be available for the future is similar to the sacrifices of many ancient cultures; specifically that of Egyptian myth. Osiris was killed and his body torn to shreds by his brother, Set. Everywhere that Osiris’ body was spread; abundant crops grew as a supply from the Gods. This also relates to the myth of Persephone, who was kidnapped by Pluto and brought to the underworld. Each year when Persephone returned to earth the world would flower with abundant growth, when Persephone went back to the underworld, all plant life ceased to exist until she returned again. This shows ...

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...nt, Katniss decides not to play by the rules anymore and she splits a handful of poison berries with Peeta. She decides that she is not going to let the “Gods” manipulate the game anymore. Right before they eat the berries the leader’s voice comes overhead and tells them that they have both one. The reason he decides to do this is because the crowd would be incredibly disappointed if the “show” ended this way. This is Katniss’ true show of courage, to defy the leaders/Gods and make her own ending. It can be said that this was Katniss’ destiny or fate: that she was meant to win the Hunger Games.

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