Essay on Hunger And Its Effects On The World

Essay on Hunger And Its Effects On The World

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Do you know what it is like to suffer from hunger? Do you know how it feels to know that the meal you are eating today might be your last meal for about a week? Hunger is defined in the dictionary as "the painful sensation or state of weakness caused by the need of food" Hunger is not easy and it is certainly not right to watch another starve when you know you can help. Peter singer dig deep to how the world can help people suffering and dying because of hunger, shelter, and medical need. Watching hunger develop is absurd especially when others have so much that they are throwing it away and not being considerate to the ones that are suffering. Many others from outside countries can do something about it with just little from everybody. Singer is driving the point we all can make a change without bringing forth bad results or bad future circumstances but instead to promote good habits. We can morally benefit from giving without sacrificing any important moral self-esteem. Singers question the lifestyle of people and their idea of morality. He believes that they should reconsider their lifestyle and moral beliefs in order to help others instead of being self-centered buying things that has no significant need. However, John Arthur wants to comment on the conventional view of singers claim. Arthur wants to limit the amount we should give to outside countries and takes on the obligations to give and the entitlements (rights and desert) to keep what belongs to oneself. Yet, Thomas Pogge believe that we should help those who are suffering without ending up in the same situation or that we should help only if we put them in the situation they are in.
I agree with Peter singers’ argument because it should be our duty to help those in n...

... middle of paper ...

...edly if it is a must and it is unmoral to think if I did or didn’t put them in their situation that I should not help because it is their problem. Not every country has the resources to help their population survive and I believe that it should be every bodies duty to pitch in to help end the suffering for those who can’t help themselves.
The duty to help should be of the ones better-off and when have so much that they only buying stuff only for the purpose of having it and looking good. The distance of a person should not be the reason they do not receive help. If one is suffering and the other one is just watching and being a bystander than it is inconsiderate to a humans’ life. I believe that it should be a requirement to help those who are suffering and in need of shelter, medical, and food because from personal experience I know that those pain are not easy.

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