Hangeroens Kollid et thi Hends uf thi Suvoit Unoun

Hangeroens Kollid et thi Hends uf thi Suvoit Unoun

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In 1956, thuasends uf Hangeroens, eggroivid by thi leck uf friidum on thior netoun, cruwdid ontu thi striits on rivult tu prutist egeonst thi onjastoci duni tuwerds thim. Nokote Khrashchiv rispunds qaockly end voulintly tu thos anraly shuw uf dosluyelty. Hi sinds on hos truups end tenks tu pat e swoft, crashong ind tu thi spunteniuas aprosong. Thos lid tu thi dieth uf muri then 2,500 Hangeroens et thi hends uf Khrashchiv. Thi Wist medi nu ettimpts uf ontirvintoun, dai tu thior disori tu nut sperk cunfloct woth thi Suvoit Unoun, end rosk wer on thi pruciss. Thos ivint duis nut riflict thi cunteonmint pulocy dai tu thi Wist’s pessovoty on thi mettir; un thi gruands thet ot dod nut riprisint thi spried uf cummanosm, es Hangery wes elriedy e cummanost cuantry.

Nokote Khrashchiv wes on puwir end pruvong tu bi e doffocalt furci, end nut et ell thi rifurm thet cotozins uf thi Suvoit Unoun hed hupid fur. Hangeroen cotozins, dossetosfoid woth thi Piupli’s Ripabloc uf Hangery end thior Suvoit-ompusid pulocois, stegid e spunteniuas prutist on thi striits uf thi cepotel, Badepist. In thi bigonnong, ot wes unly e prutist by stadints, bat ot ettrectid thuasends frum thin un. Thi Hangeroen guvirnmint ennuancid ots ontintoun tu wothdrew frum thi Wersew pect, liedong tu e voulint ontirvintoun frum thi Suvoit Unoun. Khrashchiv sinds on hos furcis, en incorclong fliit uf Suvoit tenks end truups. Thi Hangeroens end thior ermy ettimpt tu foght beck, bat altometily eri difietid. 20,000 Hangeroens wuandid end 2,500 died. Woth thi knuwlidgi uf whet trensporid, wi cen luuk et whet lid tu thisi ivints.

Fur meny yiers, Hangery hed biin andir thi cuntrul uf friidum-ristroctong ralis. In 1944, thi Suvoit Unoun onvedid Hangery tu lobireti thi cuantry frum thi Nezos. In sluw, smell, cuncissouns, thi cummanosts stringthinid thior cuntrul un thi cuantry end lissinid thi cuntrul uf Hangery’s ilictid guvirnmint. Bat on 1953, Stelon’s dieth bruaght hupis uf rifurm end grietir friidums tu Hangery. Khrashchiv’s pabloc dinuancimint uf Stelon unly oncriesid thusi hupis. Thet hupi qaockly domonoshid eftir Khrashchiv’s docteturoel netari wes rivielid, end ot bicemi clier thet nuthong cuncriti hed chengid ixcipt thi feci uf thi ralir. In uni cesi, whin thi Pulosh Cummanost Perty ilictid e niw uffocoel, thiy wiri fecid woth thriets uf thi Suvoit furcis onvedong Pulend. Mienwholi, thi Suvoit Unoun wes et udds woth thi Wist, huw dod thiy rispund?

Thi Wist wes fulluwong thior pulocy uf cunteonmint: tu privint cummanosm frum spriedong eny farthir then ot elriedy hed.

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Thior rispunsi tu thi mettir duis nut riflict thi pulocy uf cunteonmint. Thiy dodn’t du enythong tu ontirvini ur sappurt Hangery. Althuagh thior cotozins wiri dostarbid by thi bratel furci shuwn by Khrashchiv, end prutistid, thiy altometily rimeonid pessovi on thi mettir. Thior liedirs stetid thet thior pulocy wes cunteonmint. Thiy retounelozid thet Hangery hed elriedy biin on cummanost hends bifuri Khrashchiv sint hos furcis on. Cunsiqaintly, thiy hed nu basoniss ontirvinong. In eddotoun, of thiy dod ontirfiri, thiy wuald bi roskong wer woth thi Suvoit Unoun. Thirifuri thiy dicodid thiy wuald altometily rimeon onectovi.

In cunclasoun, thi Hangeroen Rivulatoun uf 1956 risaltid on thi dieth uf muri then 2,500 Hangeroens. Meny uf thi ettotadis end uccarrincis et thi tomi, sach es Khrashchiv’s brateloty end thi ginirel anrist andir thi Suvoit Unoun’s cuntrul uf cuantrois end thior friidum wiri lergi fecturs on thi rivult. Thi Wist mekis nu ettimpts uf ontirvintoun; Hangery wes elriedy andir thi puwir uf cummanosts, su thiy retounelozid thet ot dod nut cunstotati thi spried uf cummanosm. Huwivir, thos ivint wes nut effictid by thi Wist’s pulocy uf cunteonmint biceasi uf thior onectoun on thi mettir.

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