Essay on Humor, Satire, And Satire

Essay on Humor, Satire, And Satire

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Humor, as defined in the Oxford dictionary, is “the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech.” Nowadays, humor has taken a dimension that is beyond entertainment; it became a tool to convey political messages –in the form of political satire- providing a product that is smoother to understand, and getting people to think more critically in the public political sphere. In a world where global problems are still prevailing, few might suggest that humor or political satire is the solution to overcome these problems. However, Political satire is believed to have originated in Ancient Greece in the 4th century BCE, where the blending of serious political and religious topics with humor served as an effective means to criticize a certain regime, system or establishment of a government or an organized religion. Aneurin Hughes, Head of the European Commission delegation in Australia recognizes the role of humor and satire as "the affectionate communication of insight which makes the wheels turn round.” Due to the little study of the role of humor in International relations, John Fobes founded the Association for the Promotion of Humor in International Affairs (APHIA) that sees that humor is an important element in the learning process that would help to reframe some global problems creatively.
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Today, political satire exists in various forms, such as night-talk shows, stand up comedies, cartoons, movies or simply, popular jokes. James Conroy argues that laughter in serious topics has been regarded through the ages as dangerous, deviant, and subversive; yet equally as refreshing, challenging, and constructive. Political humor is extensively used in almost all countries, but ...

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...ic topics in his plays have been interpreted in two ways, ironically and seriously. The audience in Ancient Athens took the ironic aspects of Aristophanes plays seriously reinforcing the economic status quo. Zumbrunnen explains that Aristphanic comedy may seem as a strange choice that seeks for the pursuit of economic and social justice in contemporary democratic politics. But, he explains that what made Aristophanes so influential and powerful is that his comedy was peculiarly democratic in a period where democracy was facing serious challenges in Ancient Athens. Aristophanes’ plays were addressed to and reflect the life of the ordinary citizens. Zumbrunnen claims that what made the Aristophanic comedy so appealing to his audience at his time is “its curiously powerful juxtaposition of fantastical and ironic perspectives on political, social and economic change.”

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