Essay on Humidity and the Effects on Life

Essay on Humidity and the Effects on Life

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Humidity is measured by the amount of vapor in the air not by the total amount of vapor and liquid. Global climate is flexible by humidity and water vapor which are both very important to the global climate. Humidity, water vapor is important in the global climate. Air quality inside and out are important for people to understand. There are various effects because of humidity that can make it comfortable inside the home and what to stay away from outside the home. Not only can humidity affect the health of others it can also affect household goods and collections. Humidity feeds mold spores which will in turn be yet another health issue if left unattended. Learning to control the humidity in the home can save the valuables, increase comfort levels, and assist in the health quality of the indoor air.

What is Humidity?
Humidity can be measured in several different ways. Some refer to humidity as relative humidity and others refer to it as dew point. No matter which way humidity is described, the bottom line is that “Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air” (USA Today, 2011).
Measuring humidity is measuring the amount of water vapor in the air not the total amount of favor and liquid in the air. Humidity affects the living styles of humans inside and outside. While working outside, people need to understand that the combination of high temperatures and high humidity make working outside more dangerous. Indoor humidity is just as important as outdoor humidity. Not only does the indoor humidity affect people but material items as well.
“Humidity is a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air, not the total amount of vapor and liquid” (USA Today, 2011).
Humidity, water vapor is important in the global climate. Water v...

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...e in the air causing the uncomfortable living conditions.

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