Essay on Humans Is A Human Being Or Being Humane

Essay on Humans Is A Human Being Or Being Humane

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Humans have been on this planet for over 6 million years, so we should understand the importance of humanity. According to Webster 's dictionary the definition of humanity, says that it is a human being or being humane. As humans, we want to give a simple and quick definition: conscience and consciousness. The realization that we are alive and that we have something more to offer in life than just our fight for survival. But humanity can also be our reluctance to become one with more animalistic side. When we compare ourselves to animals there are moments that animals show the same type of humanity that we have. But some of those things might not be signs of humanity at all. They could just be us humans trying to give animals, humanistic traits.
That little voice in our head that tells us that you need to call your mom, that 's our conscience and we are the only ones that have it. There are rumors that animals also have a conscience, but they only posses the same neurological substrates as us. Neurological substrates are apprehensive or cerebrum framework that underlies a particular conduct or mental state. In animals this means they have self-awareness and being aware of an external object. Which isn 't exactly the same as humans. There hasn 't been any articles about a bird asking itself, why it 's on earth. What we do know for sure is that, humans think completely more complex than any animal. We are also able to be persuaded after deep though not dog treats. Like for Jim after reading a magazine about animal rights, he thought of his caged bird and a little voice in his head whispered, “This is wrong.” (Herzog 243). After reading about animal rights his heart opened up and he “began to question the morality of keeping... His ...

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... completely prove animals have one, but we can say they show a form of consciousness because they have a need to survive. We could also say a dog has shown remorse after doing something bad, but we also cannot completely prove this. Contrasting ourselves with animals we learn that they show the similar types of humanity that we have. However, some of those things can 't be indications of humankind by any stretch of the imagination. They could simply be us people attempting to give creatures, humanistic characteristics. Six million years and that 's what we have to offer, from complex thinking to the realization that we are more than just surviving on the earth. In some ways animals can show characteristics that are similar to humanity, but really the only things we have in common would be “are vertebrates, [our] brains, and [that we] lead social lives.” (Herzog 243).

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