Essay on Humans and the Fight for Equality

Essay on Humans and the Fight for Equality

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Insight into the thoughts on the development of the perfect human race and the respect given towards a certain human remain written in a book. Francis Fukuyama records his opinions in his book, Our Posthuman Future, in a chapter called “Human Dignity”. This chapter explains the authors’ ideas on the origin and the importance of an attributed characteristic called “Factor x”. It described as a factor to human dignity. Fukuyama goes in depth about respecting humans up to their abilities and the religious, scientific, and political standing points. The enhancement of human characteristics by biochemistry and the explanation of the “Genetic Lottery” also exist within this chapter. The purpose and goal of biochemical studies offers the correction/improvement of factor x in the world, according to the author. Although factor x defines otherwise, humans demand equality in human dignity while striving for human diversity, setting aside their mental, physical, biological, political, and religious differences.
Factor-x defines as “The most basic meaning of what it is to be human.” (Fukuyama) Described to come from God by Christians and arguably derived from man’s capacity for moral choice by Kant, Factor x remains attained throughout life. Factor x argues as the one true item gained by all in order to separate people into ranks of who deserves the most amount of human dignity. This idea found incorrect and too scientifically taken. A different approach to visualizing the truth through a different approach seems best.
Fukuyama states that in history “Factor-x belonged to a significant subset of the human race,
excluding people of certain sexes, economic classes, races, tribes and people with low intelligence, disabilities, birth defects, ...

... middle of paper ...

...logy and their social, ethical, legal and regulatory implications. But the book's central argument against employing this new biotechnology is seriously flawed.” (Brock)

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