Essay on The Humanization of Heracles

Essay on The Humanization of Heracles

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Through recent human history, there have been many plays in different aspects of literature. In Greek Mythology, the myth of Heracles can be inspected as to whether he is a hero or a murderer. One Greek writer, Euripides, writes about the tragic story of Heracles. It is a story about tragedy, madness, humanization of a hero and psychological natures. The story explores the interplay between if Heracles is sane or insane, and how he falls from all his glory and emerges from the dark, ember ashes as a changed, humble man through the phenomenon of friendship. In my opinion, Heracles is an innocent being and his body is used by an external spirit to deliver an evil onto himself.

Madness is a fundamental part of Greek tragedy that creates and intense, disturbing drama. In the case of Heracles, he is brought down at the height of his glory. He is a man that achieves his success through his own abilities. He is a hero that is strong, willful and lusts for experience. Even in his early childhood, he expressed traits of great hero where he destroys a snake in his childhood, he is very athletic, he hunts a lion at the age of eighteen, Furthermore, his labors represent brute strength where he deals with lions, carnivorous horses, and raging bulls. Also, Heracles has a twin brother, Iphicles, who is very much opposite to him. Iphicles, is set out to become a king and live in a dignified manner, while Heracles is made into a slave. This shows that Heracles had a troubles childhood where he wasn't treated to a normal, conditional family. however, Heracles is also pig-headed and directly challenged the gods sometime. Even though he has super-human strength, he is no match for the divine. Heracles brings much misery to the life around him, wh...

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...ader does not see Heracles himself acting out of madness, but rather hears his action from a secondary character.
Briefly speaking, Heracles is a sane man that is plagued by madness and has his innocence ruined. Heracles himself cause his ruin because of the ruin he has cause so many other people. His personality makes him his own worst enemy which leads to his demise. However, he still possesses qualities of a model son, good friend, and a caring and protective father. Furthermore, the Goddess of madness also protest again the deed that is to be done upon Heracles, showing that even the most mysterious, far-fetched character in this Myth supports the noble Hero.

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