Humanity And Perception ( House Of The Scorpion ) Essay

Humanity And Perception ( House Of The Scorpion ) Essay

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Humanity and perception(House of the Scorpion)

The book begs the question what defines being human. Not only is this one the crowning philosophical queries of all time but also the most impactful. Since some of the earliest documented societies the question has presented itself with transmutation and the idea of having a soul. Through some of most recent decade’s discrimination based on the beliefs or physical appearances of different social or economic groups further argues how humanity should be defined.
The word humane derives from the word human in the 1800th century meaning kind or compassionate. This shows what the cultural perception of society and people as a whole was and continues to be, having a self-view as and the heroic protagonists perpetuated through false perception. This word defines would people were thought to strive to be, yet as describe the house of the scorpion the greedy and callous people were able to claim authority and power. This shows how people may masquerade to be something they 're not in order to gain self-fulfillment while denying the truth about their reality. The Alarcon family acknowledges this with themselves and uses it for power.
Tam Lin was aiming for a better world when he fought against a family corrupt government but his actions led to school bus being destroyed. El Patron used this information to blackmail him to work for him. Tam lin viewed himself as a protagonist and hero while he was simply a terrorist who was accomplishing nothing. When he came to realize that it was too late and he was forced to serve El Patron.
This shows the desperation people can take for their goals which leads to self-destruction. Jorge for example had a goal to punish Matt out of spite or perhaps envy, ho...

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...Rene Descartes tried to simplify this saying that since animals weren 't capable of advance thoughts they were essentially machines without souls. Peter Singer argued against this in his book “Animal Liberation” which talks about a bias he calls Speciesism which says that since animals aren 't capable of advance though they are perceived to have no rights. If rights should be granted based on intelligence, then would the right to vote be deprived from those who lack education or proper judgment. He argues that a principle of equality be judged based on capacity to feel pain. He debates this by saying that the capacity to feel pain opens for moral consideration and therefore rights.
In summary the idea of being humane is made to be what people should aspire to be not to what they are or to what leads to success, and clones may or may not be the same but can be better.

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