Humanity, A Balance Of Good And Evil Essay

Humanity, A Balance Of Good And Evil Essay

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“Humanity, a balance of good and evil”
"The Tell-Tale Heart" is Poe 's short story that was published in the mid of 19th century around 1840’s. The author Edgar Allan Poe was a favorite American poet, author, literary critic, and editor. An unidentified narrator, who attempts to prove to the reader of his sanity, as he describes a murder he committed, tells the story. In real life, we encounter objects or events that conjure up memories of experience, either good or bad. Apparently, the latter often deprive us our joy or happy life and the effects of the bad, evil, or painful memories become paramount if the experience is regular. Human beings value happiness, and we all work to live a pleasant life in the end. Thus, eliminating the scenarios that conjure up the unpleasant memories can be a way of winning a contended life. However, some actions are too extreme and end up causing us more problems than the desired joy. The narrator irrationally ends up killing the old man just to get rid of his "Evil Eyes", the guilt of his dreadful actions haunts the narrator until he shrieks the truth to the policemen. Therefore, in a society we have to live right and watch our actions thinking of the repercussions.
The short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” revolves around guilt as the thematic subject; in the instance of murder, the human heart can barely bear the burden of guilt. Guilty people often get consumed by their conscience and somehow confess. The story involves an unnamed narrator who starts the story by addressing the reader and claims his sanity; by explaining that he is oversensitive and nervous but not mad. In addition, he offers his tranquility in the entire narration as a proof that he is sane. Furthermore, he explains how he co...

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...l account is when the story’s protagonist is under stress, he hears “ a low, dull, quick sound, such as watch makes enveloped in cotton, ” ( sound of his heart, which he irrationally mistakes it for the old man 's heart beats.
In conclusion, Poe’s short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” gives an example of vices of exist in our societies. The story portrays how sometimes our foolish, gullible, selfish, and irrational thought and decision can adversely affect our psychological health. The story which covers roughly eight days with the major action taking place each night mainly midnight is an explains that human nature is a frail balance of good and evil. Guilt is an important theme illustrated that can hinder one’s profound thinking. Therefore, human beings we ought to understand the evil and good in order to live peacefully and relate in our societies.

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