Essay on The Humanities of Science

Essay on The Humanities of Science

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The philosophy of science is to improve our knowledge about the world and how our bodies behave to enhance our well-being. Science has aid us in many ways such as increasing our lifespan, improving medicine, and advancing technology. Provided that the government of Canada and Quebec want to improve the quality of life for its people and encourage the growth of scientific discoveries, they should invest in scientific research that will continue to expand our knowledge and use that newly acquired knowledge to continue improving our quality of life.
Eugenics is the study of manipulating the genetic code of plants and/or people to improve inherited genes. In fact, the word "eugenics" comes from the Greek word meaning good offspring and was given by Darwin's cousin, Sir Francis Galton. There are both positive and negative eugenics, one to "improve the characteristics of an organism or species" (McLaren 116) and another to "eliminate […] undesirable biological traits" (McLaren 116), respectively.
By creating a stronger immune system, eugenics can possibly hinder future viruses and diseases from spreading quicker and creating deadly pandemics. As we have seen in recent years, viruses can spread at alarming rates, furthermore they have the ability to evolve and mutate rapidly. Viruses can be disseminated by mosquitoes and other insect, such as the West Nile virus, which has killed many globally, is transmitted through infectious mosquitoes. Influenza viruses, can be mutated and then contaminate humans; this can happen when two different influenza viruses enter a host and merge together, creating a new virus which can then infect society. As well diseases which have are believed to have originated from animals such as SARS and AIDS. T...

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...e them to people without engineering their genes. We will also be able to make statistics in comparison with the average human and the genetic engineered human. Many questions can be answered with the study of eugenics, such as how much do genes actually play in the role of our lives and how much does the environment play? Are all diseases curable? Can we end cancer?. Understanding fully well the roles our genes play in our bodies and how we can manipulate these genomes to better our lives, will be tremendously beneficially to the society. However, the government must see fit that all test subjects are treated fairly and under no circumstances will be treated in a way that does them harm. And the subjects must understand that they are contributing to scientific research and therefore, the results of the tests are unpredictable; it may be successful or unsuccessful.

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