The Humanities : Culture, Continuity And Change Essay

The Humanities : Culture, Continuity And Change Essay

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In our textbook, The Humanities: Culture, Continuity & Change, Henry M. Sayre states, “A culture encompasses the values and behaviors shared by a group of people, developed over time, and passed down from one generation to the next.” (Sayre, 2015) This quote resonated with me, on so many levels, after writing this paper. Hope you enjoy.
Housed in a mid-nineteenth century Greek recovery church, Charleston 's Karpeles Manuscript Library is one of a few such scattered around the United States. These libraries highlight determinations drawn from the world 's biggest private original copy accumulation, which incorporates reports from noticeable craftsmen, arrangers, adventurers, researchers, political pioneers, religious figures, and other socially and generally critical individuals. The display at every area changes four times each year. One visit you may see letters composed by Eva Perón or John Adams - and on another visit you could see religious tracts by John Calvin or Martin Luther; or possibly logical studies by any semblance of Galileo, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, or Albert Einstein; or musical arrangements by such lights as Ludwig von Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, or Richard Wagner. Likewise showed are a couple Egyptian ancient rarities gathered by David and Marsha Karpeles.
It is significant that the docent is additionally one of the library 's attractions. He is cordial and proficient, as well as a genuine Southern honorable man with a genuine ability for narrating. His stories are enlightening and in addition charming.
The library, which offers free on location stopping, is situated on the edge of Charleston 's architecturally significant area in a zone that is quickly gentrifying, with great eateries and bars insi...

... middle of paper ...

...esis of Relativity, a note made by Charles Lindbergh, the first printing of the Ten Precepts from The Gutenberg Book of scriptures, the Bill of Rights, Lincoln 's Liberation Decree, John Hancock 's early on letter to the Assertion of Freedom, Christopher Columbus ' Lettera Rarissima. George Washington 's Thanksgiving Announcement and most of the records of the Spanish Naval force, including most of the correspondence between Lord Phillip and his powers. Karpeles gages that he and his wife have acquired more than one million documents in the latest 30 years. It is fascinating just to stay in a room and look at some of them.
The grand 1850 's Greek revival church that houses the gallery is justified regardless of the visit alone, yet add to that the invaluable reports of compositions inside make this perfect for those genuine about history. This was an enjoyable visit.

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