Essay about Humanitarian Relief Operations

Essay about Humanitarian Relief Operations

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Humanitarian relief operations usually happened after natural disasters or man-made disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, landslides and wars. To make the humanitarian relief operations prompt and efficient, human relief sector must plan the operations based on logistics activities which can meet the needs of the humanitarian relief operations. This essay is going to start with a brief description of the Korean War, and then discusses the importance of two logistics activities which are victim service as know as customer service in logistics term and facility location decisions to the humanitarian relief operation of the Korean War.

The Korean War broke out on 25 June 1950, ended on 27 July 1953; it was beginning with North Korean invaded South Korean, and other armies involved in this war were from eighteen different countries, South Korean supported by the United Nations which comprised by the armies from sixteen countries of the eighteen, North Korean supported by the Soviet Union and China; in the three years and one month of fighting, the number of casualties were very heavy, not only the soldiers in this war, but also the civilians in Korean; the Korean War finished by signed an argument (Elizabeth 2009).

Humanitarian relief operation is a process and a system to delivery the goods and services to the aid users who suffered the disasters on the right time, for the right area or place, and in the right amount; this referred as an emergency logistics, and logistics is a key role of coordinate all activities, need to minimise the response time, and to maximum relief in the affected areas (Tovia 2007). End of the Korean War can not plan in advance, but in order to minimise the casualties and losses, the humanitarian acti...

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