Humanitarian Intervention and the International System Essay

Humanitarian Intervention and the International System Essay

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The State as an entity must by its very nature shoulder a heavy mantel of responsibility, a responsibility that encompasses ownership of the joys and the sorrows of the people, the prosperity and the sufferance of the populace, and the success and the failure of the nation. As Machiavelli said, the State is the whole of the social hierarchy that governs and rules a country. States must not only protect themselves and the citizenry from external threats but must also ensure the freedoms of it's people and their rights to live without fear of war, crimes against humanity, mass slaughter or other evils that may manifest in the absence of benevolent leadership.
In recent times history has been replete with examples of States using their powers not to protect but to enforce, not to provide for but to extricate from the people and they have done this with little or no interference from the wider international community asides from voiced protests, ineffective economic sanctions or other token actions due mostly to historic notions of sovereignty and the right of countries to rule ultimately within their own borders. However, times have changed. Sovereignty no longer exclusively protects States from foreign interference; it is a charge of responsibility that holds States accountable for the welfare of their people. More and more the responsibility for preventing atrocities, genocide and other forms of violent repression is apportioned to a collaboration of the State and the international community, and it is the international community that has a role that cannot be blocked by the invocation of sovereignty. This is a principle enshrined in Article 1 of the Genocide Convention and embodied in the principle of sovereignty as responsibi...

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