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Humanistic Psychology : Psychology And Psychology Essays

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Understand Psychology
While I was growing up I had to deal with my older sister that had emotional outburst and I always questioned why and what was going on in her head, Because of this, I had a fasciation in the study of psychology. I would say that I relate more with humanistic and Cognitive approach out of the four historical approaches. I do like to know the mental processes in other, but I rather get to know the whole person. I found myself for interested in learning more humanistic psychology. I also do believe in that people have free will and all behavior isn’t determined. All people are one of a kind and have a natural commute to accomplish their greatest potential. Unlike behaviorism, I think studying humans not animals will achieve a fitting understanding of human behavior. I know that humanistic psychology has limitations, being unscientific, and ignoring biology and the unconscious mind. Humanistic brain research fulfills the vast majority 's concept of what being human means on the grounds that it values individual beliefs and self-satisfaction.(“Humanism | Simply Psychology,” n.d.)
Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of need was very interesting to me. I found it very helpful in my own personal life and I can see how it can relate and help others. Maslow (1943) expressed that individuals are propelled to accomplish certain needs. At the point when one need is satisfied a man tries to satisfy the following one, etc. The soonest and most boundless rendition of Maslow 's (1943, 1954) progression of necessities incorporates five motivational needs, regularly delineated as various leveled levels inside of a pyramid. Maslow’s chain of importance of requirements five stage pyramid (1943,1954)
1. Physiological
2. Safety
3. Lo...

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...I was going crazy. I would repeat stuff out loud so that I could store it.
Psychiatric disorders have been my interested as a teen. As mentioned before, about having an older sister that has Bi-polar symptoms while growing up. I have witnessed some good and some very bad days. This triggered my interest into researching the disorders of the psyche. This also grew my interested into criminal insane, demonology, and mental health. Knowing some people that have and suffer from mental disorders has pushed me into a career to help people. I feel like that I have a natural way to help people.
This course has given the confidence I been looking for to continue on to pursue a career of an abuse counselor. I feel as if this was a learning curve that I needed to push myself. I enjoyed all the information and I it made me thirsty for more, and there is so much to learn.

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