Essay on The Humanistic And Existential Approaches

Essay on The Humanistic And Existential Approaches

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During the path few weeks it has become more apparent that theorists have many ideas on the personalities of others. That being said though it might seem easy to judge your own personality it becomes difficult. Taking from the theorists read to date the best explanation falls in the Humanistic and Existential approaches.
Self-Actualization as explained in the courses text as a process in which a person can grow by realizing one’s own potential. This is best described as the way a person feels inside will dictate their path. A person must develop, or want to develop, internally to affect changes in their outside world. Much like food, and water can grow a person physically, certain portions of a personality can help to achieve growth (Friedman, Schustack, 2010).
This development as explained by Abraham Maslow comes (1908) from peak experiences, where meaningful and powerful experiences change a person and bring them to a higher position in their own mind (Friedman, Schustack, 2010). This term can also be classified as an epiphany. These Peak Experiences come from a person who in most part is fully self-actualized.
The insights that are achieved by these experiences keep a person mentally mature in their own personality. A persons need to have a positive outlook on life is needed in order to keep surviving on a higher level. This theory is also derived from healthy, well-spoken and conditioned individuals throughout time.
These individuals previously referred to are Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln to just name a few. The main encompassing trait for all these individuals was that of using their experience and know how to achieve greater accomplishments for the whole human race.
Whether i...

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...y. Generally having a positive response to good or bad influences achieves the main goals of this theory. Though this theory has some short falls it is the best representation of my personality at this present time. Perhaps over time I will personally be able to assess more about myself in order to understand the world that much more.
In conclusion making each situation into a positive outcome, or a silver lining, is very healthy for everyone. Making decisions or helping others positively in addition to helping your own mental health is the best outcome I personally find. Though I might not get full credit on this paper because of overlooked pieces or perhaps something else it will be positive because of the amount I have been able to learn about myself up until now. This overall I guess makes me a positive psychologist, and how could that really be a bad outlook?

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